Sunday, 20 November 2016

Kalpana Patowary join hands for promotion of Bhojpuri language.


Kalpana Patowary has been crusading for Bhojpuri music for a long time. She said that, I was introduced to this music culture in 2002 and since then its been 2016 now, almost 14 years. From 2002 till 2016 i have been listening to two things. One, vulgarity in Bhojpuri music and the other is Inclusion of Bhojpuri language in the 8th Amendment schedule of our constitution.

Controversy was there right from the beginning – Gawanawa leija Rajaji…. One song which became an anthem – Ego Chumma Lela Rajaji. Some said its was mere an expression of a loving wife,other said its not our culture,our bahu – beti will not express their feelings in such a bold way. While the whole nation was enjoying, some political manipulative industry persons couldn’t resist Kalpana as she was an outsider geographically. Yes, she is neither from UP or Bihar. Being from Assam how can she become so popular-this thought itself was a threat for many and their hatred was at its peak as we witnessed her effigy burning publicly in BALLIA, UP. They insulted her purely on the basis of their own opinion and not on facts.

But nothing could stop her………as not many artists can take credit for being change-makers. You have to have courage and the belief in oneself to look beyond traditions and carve a unique niche for yourself and shut down haters in style.

I have introduced Bhojpuri folk music to prestigious Mtv@CokeStudio, India's biggest and Happiest music festival Nh7 Weekender, Paddy Fields and many more. But still now Bhojpuri music is struggling to gain respect in its own states by its own people.

Today BHOJPURI has given me so much that i can’t think of how to compensate back. Says Kalpana, with god’s grace it’s been a very beautiful journey.

She said this in Patna to Tv Channels when she was asked about why Bhojpuri music is not included in most of the prestigious festivals organised by the state Tourism and culture departments in UP & Bihar. There is a growing and justifiable discontent and anger amongst Bhojpuri artists as the state cultural departments are not including Bhojpuri artists in these festivals. Instead they are inviting Bollywood artists in these local festivals.

Kalpana Patowary has come forward in support of inclusion of Bhojpuri language in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution.
"Bhojpuri is an international language which is not only spoken in Bihar, Jharkhand, eastern UP, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of India, but also in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Mauritius and parts of Nepal and Bangladesh. We demand the inclusion of Bhojpuri language in the 8th schedule of the Constitution. she said.

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