Monday, 1 August 2011

Kalpana Patowary - That’s the (green) spirit - Action for Green Care.

Nature favors those organisms which leave the environment in better shape for their progeny to survive...............JAMES LOVELOCK.

Nature has always been around. So instead of saving nature, would it not be better for us to alter our own nature? I totally agree. What is important is not the feeling of what "I did" but to work to restore to nature its prestine glory. This we could do by setting a personal, positive example.You can begin by minimizing consumerism. We need to follow the principle of "simple living and high thinking”. This is important to help us deal with manmade climate change.The unprecedented change in climate we see today is the result of human action -- so climate change is closely related to human values and how we regard the planet. Climate change is a collective issue that we need to solve together. Only mind consciousness cannot stop it. We need heart consciousness too. We need to use the language of the heart. We should not try to be bureaucrats and political leaders who play mind games instead Myself through this project working from the heart. This video potrays Kalpana as mankind and just asking people or spreading the message to plant trees or save the nature. I am very concerned about climate change. We should be ecologically conscious and live in an environment friendly way. We should know how to live with nature, respecting both animals and plants.It should be your karma and dharma to protect the Hindu philosophy of Panchatatva -- to protect the five elements of the universe. It is the primarily lack of awareness that has brought about this degradation of the environment.

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