Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kalpana Patowary’s Maa-e-Ri - an effort for Mother Earth.

Secretary to save Nature.

To kick of the eco-friendly campaign this year, singer Kalpana is set to release her latest Hindi music video album Maa-e-Ri. Every year efforts are made to save Mother Earth with the help of several promotional campaigns. This time Kalpana has taken it a step further. To spread awareness about NATURE, and to promote tourism of North East. Says Kalpana, we all living and non living beings are dancing the Rhythm of Love and this will be the first music video in India where you get to see Kalpana portrayed in Harmony with Nature.We get to see Kalpana fly like a bird, sitting, conversing & playing  with the lion and more. In Maae-Ri , Kalpana transverses through the landscapes of Cherapunji. Says Kalpana,"to potray all of them were a big challenge for me and I am doing this to help and promote the assuage of a GREEN EARTH.

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