Monday, 1 August 2011

Kalpana Patowary - how to handle criticism?

Says Kalpana: The more, the merrier! You have to believe in yourself. With self-belief comes the ability to deliver consistently. So, I have immense faith in my abilities and know full well what I am capable of. In fact, when any other artist does a good work, I try calling up that person and congratulate him or her. Unless you appreciate someone else’s from your heart, you are not a good artist yourself. Let me put it this way that – Mera bhi achha hai aur aapka bhi achha hai…aisa nahi hona chahiye ki sirf mera achha hai aur aapka kharab. This is hypocrisy done by some artists. I have no problems with anyone saying anything. I understand that just as it cannot always be roses. After reaching a particular point, you can only pull a person down. But I bounce back again. 

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